Sicilian Regional Government Vice President Gaetano Armao visiting the Sicilian startup Baxenergy HQs

A meeting was held yesterday in Acireale, in the province of Catania, between the management of Baxenergy and the Vice President and Councillor for the Economy of the Sicilian Regional Government, Gaetano Armao.

This exceptional technological venture with hundreds of young engineers and technicians involved in the development of digital technology was founded by engineer Simone Massaro, a 'brain on the run' who decided to return to Sicily and create his own startup in Acireale.

BaxEnergy, a company that develops innovative solutions in the field of renewable energy has recently obtained funding of 250,000 euros through the 2i Programme for the enterprise of Sace, Cdp and Fei for access to European resources of the Juncker Plan.

The funding is intended to cover patent and licensing costs in various markets, including Portugal, Brazil and South Africa. "In five years we have managed to employ 84 people in the research centre in Catania and we expect to reach 120 by 2017," Massaro explained to the ANSA press agency in a recent interview. It is a form of patriotism, as he calls it, but it is uneconomical. "In Dublin - he said - where intellectual property is taxed less, we would pay 5% here 51%, but we want a product that increases the Italian GDP. Massaro specialized in Boston where he remained for over ten years developing industrial software based on Microsoft technologies.

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